Why Should Career With Us

We are an affiliate of JGC Corporation, one of the world largest Engineering, Procurement, Construction company based in Yokohama, Japan. Commitment makes us unique; we value our people with respect and dignity as the most valuable asset to sustain our business growth and to accelerate the achievement of our vision as well as strategic goals to be world class national oil and gas Contractor Company.

Besides offering total competitive remuneration; salary, allowances, facilities and other benefits, we reflect our commitment by improving the quality of our people through unwavering selection processes, among others:


Resources require an Engineering process which must be handled by world-class engineers, therefore to improve the quality to achieve international standard we provide high opportunities for international project assignment at construction site to contribute the best to the success of our current project execution, such as:

  • Gas Processing Plant in Malaysia, Qatar and Iran
  • NGL Project in Saudi Arabia
  • Refinery Plant in Vietnam
  • Refinery Plant in Singapore
  • LNG Projects in Asia Pacific and Indonesia


To meet the demand of industry from Parents Company, we also gives the opportunity for our employees to be assigned in the JGC Home Office, Japan and many overseas projects, so that they are able to handle the advance simulation, analysis method & engineering tools, and to comply with various international and national code, design standards and regulations.


Our workforce has given us competitive edge in the business. Embarking from commitment, we do not only concentrate on project performance, but we rather play an active part in the development of Indonesia. We employ more than 700 employees and almost 100% are Indonesians.

To accommodate the needs of domestic entrepreneurs and their requirement in a broader perspective in innovation and business continuity in the future, we encourage our people with professional qualification/certification and continuous soft and hard professional development conducted in Indonesia and abroad for all – through various structured training, courses, seminar, workshop, on the job training, and engineering software training, such as; SPP&ID, PDS, PDMS, SP3D, etc.

Now, we challenge you to be the high caliber engineers and join the family of PT JGC Indonesia to develop ideas, creativity, and innovations.